It is Black August and it has already been more than a year since we witnessed the global uprisings and movement in defense of Black lives that sparked more calls for defunding the police, abolishing prisons, and an end to state-sanctioned violence. We continue to be emboldened by the bravery, vision, and leadership of Black people across the country who are pushing for systematic change.

In the struggle for Black liberation, rest is revolutionary. Rest is reparations.

Forward Together Action

An onslaught of attacks on gender and reproductive justice has taken place this year. The violent anti-trans legislation and abortion bans in our country leave our hearts heavy. These attacks are not new. But we understand them now within the context of the historical efforts by the state to control our bodies and our futures, and also as a backlash to the gains we have made in building political power in our communities through intersectional organizing and advocacy. Our grantees are on the frontlines at this moment fighting for bodily autonomy and collective liberation for us all.

When asked if…

AAPI Civic Engagement Fund

In May, stories of resistance and joy were shared during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month [#AAPIPower Storytelling Project]. We not only honor the achievements and contributions of the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) communities but we are also reminded of the ongoing fight for liberation and resources across the United States in these communities. The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the deep injustices communities of color face in the United States impacted by xenophobia, racism, colonialism, and capitalism. …

Asian Americans are frequently ignored or overlooked by political campaigns or groups conducting voter mobilization. In fact, half of Asian Americans polled by APIAVote in 2020 reported that they had never been contacted by either major party around voter mobilization. Groundswell’s long-time Catalyst Fund and Integrated Voter Engagement program grantee, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF) is working to change that.

The only national organization focused on building the power of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) women and girls, NAPAWF utilizes an intersectional Reproductive Justice framework to directly impact policy and drive systemic change in the U.S.

Currently, in…

Our hearts are with the family and loved ones of George Floyd. One verdict doesn’t bring back a precious life. But this one signals the power of the people to move us toward a society where life is not stolen in the first place.

For those who question the efficacy of grassroots organizing, who decry the use of direct action, or deride the use of bold slogans like “Defund the Police”, take note: there is no gentler or softer way. The raging infection of white supremacy can only be healed with strong medicine.

Thirty million people took to the streets…

Aspen Ideas: Health in Aspen, Colorado 2019

Jennie Joseph is a midwife and the founder of Commonsense Childbirth Inc., in Florida. This interview took place in August, 2020 and has been edited and condensed.

How did your journey into reproductive justice and founding Common Sense Childbirth Inc. in Florida begin?

Jennie Joseph: Common Sense Childbirth is the nonprofit organization that I founded in 1998. I’m a midwife, but the organization was founded to provide prenatal care, maternity care and support for marginalized women and women of color and for people who were suffering poor birth outcomes.

The work has been founded in community-based access to prenatal care…

Let’s all take a breath to celebrate the awe-inspiring power of organizers of color, whose tenacious work over more than a decade, allowed voters who have been ignored for so long, to lift their voices for freedom and be heard! Let’s celebrate the funders and donors who have been trailblazers in philanthropy by believing in and supporting their work.

This weekend, I got a text from La’Tasha D. Mayes, President and CEO of New Voices for Reproductive Justice and former Groundswell Board Member:

“Thank you Groundswell, for believing in and investing in our vision for Black women in Pennsylvania and…

Dear Groundswell Fund & Groundswell Action Fund Community,

Our team is here and standing strong with our grantees as they play indispensable roles in their communities during this crisis.

COVID-19 has pulled back the curtain on so much that is wrong in our society. For the Groundswell community, what is behind the curtain is not new; our grantee partners have been working to transform it for decades. For millions of people however, the current crisis has exposed the truth about this country’s cruel and punishing systems.

It is now clear what it means, not just to individuals, but also to…

Groundswell Fund Releases 2018 Capacity Building Program and 2018 Reproductive Justice Movement Impact Reports

Power U organizers & Groundswell Fund grantees at the 2018 March for Our Lives rally in Washington D.C.

Every day, our communities are under attack. In the past few days, many of us learned about the modern-day concentration camps being used on the Texas border, where migrant children are being brutalized and held in dehumanizing conditions. Additionally, we are witnessing federal and state efforts to undo the Affordable Care Act and cut off abortion access; voter suppression tactics that systematically target people of color, Indigenous folks, and other vulnerable groups; an increase in murders of trans women; and attacks on the environment to name a few.

In this political moment, we don’t just need short-term policy and electoral…

Yamani Hernandez, Executive Director of National Network of Abortion Funds speaks at a rally.

OAKLAND — Today, Groundswell Fund, a national women of color-led grantmaking and capacity-building organization and the largest funder of the U.S. reproductive justice movement, responded to the recent onslaught of state-level anti-abortion attacks, calling on the philanthropic community to fund grassroots organizations led by Black and Brown women and transgender people of color in impacted states.

Statement by Vanessa Daniel, Executive Director, Groundswell Fund

“Abortion access is a fundamental human right and basic healthcare that one-in-four pregnant people currently access in the United States. The recent onslaught of attacks on abortion has nothing to do with concern for the sanctity…

Groundswell Fund

We support a stronger movement for reproductive and gender justice. Read more at

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